About Louise Gentry

As a Wellness Nurse for Peak Health, PA, R.N. Louise Gentry infuses her work with more than 15 years of experience in nursing, building an outstanding record of professionalism and patient care in the process. A key member of the team at Peak Health since 2000, Ms. Gentry serves the needs of clients across the Southeastern United States and Texas, intending to help individuals stay healthy through comprehensive corporate wellness plans. To achieve her goal, Louise Gentry counsels and educates clients on a one-on-one basis; develops customized nutritional, exercise, and behavioral management programs; and performs biometric tests such as BMI, blood pressure, body fat analysis, and heart rate. Previously, Ms. Gentry held consulting and part-time positions concurrent with her work at Peak Health, including Aesthetic Nurse at Sona MedSpa International and Nurse for Nation’s CareLink, with whom she performed independent patient evaluations for insurance companies.

Before joining Peak Health, Louise Gentry spent four years at Christiansburg, Virginia-based New River Ear, Nose & Throat Associates PC. As a Clinic Nurse, Ms. Gentry worked directly with patients, assisted physicians, and coordinated treatment between all parties and the facility. Other roles held by Louise Gentry include Asthma Educator and Telephonic Nurse at Gentiva Health Services, Inc., in which she helped asthma patients manage their conditions in a remote capacity. A graduate of East Carolina University and Wytheville Community College, Ms. Gentry earned her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Pre-K Education and Associate degree in Nursing from those respective institutions.


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